Bucket List

1. Go on top of the Empire State Building
2. See a volcano in Hawaii
3. Get Baptized
4. Become a youth leader
5. Travel all across Europe by train
6. Attend a wedding in Vegas
7. Get married to the man of my dreams
8. Go on a mission trip
9. Work for a nonprofit
10. Successfully finish knitting a scarf
11. Be a Maid of Honor
12. Go on a blind date
13. Do a cross-country road trip with friends
14. Have kids
15. Get an apartment in New York City
16. See Train perform live
17. Attend a fashion show
18. Meet someone who will change my life
19. Get a meaningful tattoo

20. Attend a show at the Grand Ole Opry
21. See Rascal Flatts perform live 
22. Adopt a pet
23. Visit the Biltmore Estate
24. Visit the land of coffee: Seattle
25. Stroll through Gramercy Park
26. Explore Alaska
27. Surf in Australia
28. Salsa dance in Spain
29.Learn to play a song on the guitar
30.Be on a TV Show
31. Have my own song
32.Sing Karaoke in front of strangers
33.Take a cooking class
34.Start a business
35. Take an epic picture at the Utah Salt Flats
36. Ride in a helicopter
37. Learn how to long board
38. Chop down my own Christmas tree
39. Ride an Elephant
40. See the Egyptian Pyramids
41. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Live
42.Pet Wild Horses
43.See a Quokka in real life

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