Advice to my Younger Self

You’re blessed. You may not believe it now but when you look back years from now you will realize how fortunate you were. Life does not come with an instruction manual even when we wish it did, so we are left learning from mistakes, experiences, and others. This is what I learned in the end:

1. Never lower your standards, but do not make them so high it is impossible for even yourself to reach them.
2. The heart break feeling goes away. Eventually there will be a time where the pain does not accompany the memory anymore.
3. Stop worrying about your appearance. You’re beautiful just the way you are. Society tells us to be the same. Why wouldn’t you want to stand out?
4. Smile often. You have a lot to be thankful for.
5. Volunteer. It will open many doors for you and it will allow you to meet some of the most amazing people.
6. Put down your phone. Enjoy the company you have, they are not going to always be there.
7. Do not worry about capturing every memory on social media. There is stuff that shouldn’t be posted on your accounts.
8. Travel. Every opportunity you have to travel, take it.
9. Be daring. Try new things.
10. College will teach you who your real friends are. Who is there to pick up the phone when you’re hundreds of miles away.
11. Do not talk bad about people. We all slip up sometimes but it shows poor character.
12. Spend at least an hour every day praying or mediating.
13. Enjoy your college years. I don’t mean go out and party every night but meet new people. College gives you the chance to network with a whole new group of friends
14. Be passionate about something. It will attract others to you.
15. Sometimes you have to let go of the reigns. God’s plan is so much better than your own.



-I’m Not A Writer, I’m Just Trying to Save Money on Buying A Diary-

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