How do you see God?

The other night as I was walking home with my friend he randomly asked me “How do you see God, and what does he look like to you?” Of course, my reply was short and sweet, “old with white hair.” It was not until later that night when I really thought about the question at hand. I kept picturing how I would expect him to look like, but “old with white hair” still kept coming across my mind. My problem was that I didn’t take into account that I have already seen Him. I had focused solely on what my imagination could draw up. But when it comes down to it this is how I really see Him:

– The hand that rests on my shoulder when I need comfort. The feeling of a spirit that brings me closer when my emotions become too much and it continues to draw me in until I find peace.

– The sense of calm and clarity I get as the air whistles by my ear as if it is someone telling me a secret. A whisper that just so happens to zone out the chaotic street traffic.

– Strangers I have witnessed throughout my days.The college student who offered their leftovers to feed a stranger and his dog on the street. The man whose eyes filled with tears as he was singing praises next to me at church.

– The rock that stands firm against the ocean waves. The rock is formed so deep into the foundation of the earth and remains unchanged even under the pressure of the sea.

For so long I had questioned what God looks like, but all this time he has been revealing himself to me.

-I’m Not A Writer, I’m Just Trying to Save Money on Buying A Diary-

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