What the Fairytales Don’t Tell You

As many friends have been getting engaged I begin to wonder when my “fairytale” will happen. Every girl is well aware of the fairytale ending, and every girl wants that ending. The beautiful girl gets swept off her feet by a prince charming. They date, fall in love, they get married, have kids and of course they end up living happily-ever-after. This sounds great, but fairytales leave out these major details…

1. Not every guy is a prince charming

2. You will go on some bad dates… You will go on some REALLY bad dates

3. Relationships do not always lead to marriage

4. Sometimes life does not happen in the order we want it to

5. Marriage will not always end in happily-ever-after

Life is already tough and it gets even worse when we make a standard of how it is expected to turn out. The typical fairytale happens to very few people. We start to get anxious, impatient, worried and sometimes angry when the “fairytale” hasn’t happened. Many of us forget that what we really need to do is turn these thoughts into prayer. Pray for God’s guidance and if He wills for a “fairytale”, it will happen in His perfect time. We become so dependent on this prince charming figure to make our life better that we forget that we have someone who already makes it better. That is Jesus.

When I truly think about my fairytale this is how I see it: A girl so in love with God that she does not have the time to wait around for prince charming to knock on her door. A girl who is obedient and constantly prays for God to do His will in her life and when He knows the timing is right he’ll bring a man into her life. Not a man that will sweep away all of the problems that she faces but one who knows where to turn when she is faced with problems.


-I’m Not A Writer, I’m Just Trying to Save Money on Buying A Diary-

2 thoughts on “What the Fairytales Don’t Tell You

  1. Love this! It’s always so encouraging to read about someone whose values & “fairytale” line up with yours. Thank you for being a bright light for our Father! And I KNOW He has the perfect someone waiting for you & He can’t wait for you to meet him in the beautiful moment He has orchestrated for just you two. 🙂

    Thanks again for your hope & faith in His plan- it’s so encouraging!

    Blessings sister!!!

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