Where are you Running?

There have been many times where I knew that if Jesus was physically standing next to me when I was making a decision he’d be shaking his head in disapproval. So in those moments I just try to focus on everything but God and pretend that nothing really happened. In my head, I believe it’s almost as if this moment never existed and no one will know.

It’s quite ironic that we try to hide from an all-knowing God. A bad habit that we can’t break, a thought that does not show our true character. All of this makes us want to cringe knowing if anyone would ever find out. It makes us cringe even more knowing that God would judge us for it.

I think many times we skip over the fact that God knows everything about us. He knows every thought we had and every action that we will do even in the distant future. Still we feel ashamed and try to cover ourselves up.

Genesis 3:8-12 is the first account of someone trying to hide their shame by running away. Adam felt ashamed and hid when he heard the Lord walking towards him in the garden. God knew exactly where they were hiding in v.9 but he still asked him where he was.

My opinion is that God didn’t want to know where Adam was so he could find him, instead I think he wanted Adam to reevaluate for himself that he is lost. God already knew Adam’s geographic location, and now Adam gained the capabilities to decipher what is good and evil. He devleloped a conscious and is able to feel shame and guilt from doing wrong. God didn’t want Adam to hide his shame from Him. He wanted him to fall at his knees and come running to God with his shame.  God just wanted to have Adam come to Him. The same is true with us. God isn’t asking your geographic question or why you may have skipped out on church last Sunday. He’s just wanting you to just come back to Him with whatever burdens you’re holding onto so tight. We seem to always be running away from God with our problems but in fact he asks us to turn them over to him.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22.

God’s grace and mercy washes over anything that we face or do and leaves us righteous in His eyes. I think it’s hard for us to remember that nothing can surprise God. No bad action or thought will make him love us any less just like no good action or thought will make him love us anymore.

-I’m Not A Writer, I’m Just Trying to Save Money on Buying A Diary-

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